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Global Augmented Reality Project

Creative Producer
Global Augmented Reality Project
Project | Rainforest Listening 

PROJECT BRIEFRainforest Listening (RL) is an augmented reality project that layers rainforest soundscapes in urban environments to inspire ecological engagement. Listeners access the sounds via mobile devices and sculpt their own experience by triggering geo-located soundscapes as they walk through iconic locations across the world.

THE GOAL of this project is to attract a new audience of globally engaged conservationist, with an aim to reach the driving force behind the change going on in the world, ultimately creating a new generation of influencers. 

One of the biggest struggles for international conservation nonprofits is to educate and connect the general public to global issues.


With this project we are broadening people's sound spectrum and encouraging them to think differently about their environment and their impact globally. Rainforest Listening explores the value of sound in contributing towards environmental awareness and engagement. The project model combines the possibilities of environmental art with the ability for listeners to donate directly to conservation projects and communities while walking through the installation.


"...if we can bring the sights and sounds of the natural world to humans who would otherwise never think about them, they might be motivated and inspired to alter their habits enough to take action and respond to the ramifications of climate change."

- Producers of Racing Extinction

THE RESULTS: This project is exploring ways of translating awareness into direct action. 

  • Over 300 downloads in the first 48 hours of the installation being active in New York City, this is a record for an augmented reality audio application,

  • And in December, 2015 over 180 sounds were planted across Paris during the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP21) at major side events including Petit Palais for Earth To Paris – Le Hub, The Global Landscapes Forum, The Hub Culture Paris Pavilion and throughout Le Bourget.

  • During COP21 sounds were listened to over 4,000 times.

  • Since launching in October 2015 Rainforest Listening sounds have been streamed almost 20,000 times across New York, Austin, Paris and our demo installation in Los Angeles.

  • Sounds are being streamed in six cities and three countries: New York City, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Paris- France, and Manizales- Colombia. With the goal of expanding to 17 countries by the end of 2017.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: RL is more than just an art project but an opportunity to record real time climate data, as well as opportunities for advanced bioacoustics analysis. River Listening, is a secondary 'spin off' from the RL porject

  • PROJECT BRIEF: This project recognizes the critical value of river systems and offers a fresh alternative in inspiring local and global communities to engage in river conservation through accessible digital technologies, creativity, music and sound.

  • THE GOAL is to connect people to the Amazon River, a place they may never visit, but when connected to a river they know and enjoy the connection becomes easier

*  Dr. Leah Barclay is the creator of the Rainforest Listening app and the rainforest soundscapes are all based on her field recordings from a diversity of ecosystems in the Amazon. This is an ongoing project with Rainforest Partnership

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